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I got second place in Extemp Girls and lost to a senior, so I did okay for a first time extemporaneous speech. It's so different talking to only two people than 100. My topic was "Is America doing enough to support military personnel when they return home from service." Over all it was an easy topic, it just took a lot of heart-string tugging. I wish I had done better, spoke a bit smoother, one judge docked about ten points for tapping my foot, so I guess I shouldn't have done that...*sigh* I hope my Model UN Coach is happy, she put me up with the Drama teacher to do this, for which I am forever grateful. I'm hoping to go and see her early in the morning on Monday. 

I went with the Thespians as a tag-along to fill a slot and give the school a better chance at winning, the scoring system for schools is by totals, not averages (1st-7 points, 2nd-5 points, 3rd-3 points, and 4th-1 point.) We finished fourth with a score of 19. It was  a really enjoyable time though, there are so many talented people from our school, most of the events were for singers or groups of singers. 
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Hi guys this isn't Doctor Who related, so you can stop reading there if you only want to hear about David Tennant.

I was just gonna leave a link to a school video contest hosted by Altell. I won't tell you which school I'm in, because 1) that would be weird, and 2) it might sway the vote. The winning school gets prize money, and so far our school is winning, by like over 150 votes, but we were told to spread the word of the contest, so thats what I'm doing. 

Here is the link: 

Also, I promise to post something Doctor Who related soon, probably tomorrow. 

ETA: I just realized that only our school has posted a video yet out of the eight schools chosen (that explains so much I knew know one could be that in love with the Terrors), so I guess now you know which school, oh well it's a public school and I've been in newspapers down here a couple times, so I guess this isn't much different. I'll leave the link, so you can see the other schools once they post their vids. I'm in the GA video according to DTH, but I haven't found myself yet, but he's says I look light a bookworm studygeek, so I might not want to find it. :D


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