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stTitle: Windows
Author: country_who
Characters/Parings: Ten2/Rose, Eleven/Rose
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1876
Warnings: Character Death
Summary: “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.”
Author's Note: Made for prompt by [ profile] mahmfic the [ profile] doctor_rose_fix Spring Fix-a-thon: "10.5 dies in a tragic accident (say car crash) and Rose uses the new TARDIS that she and 10.5 built from the TARDIS coral to find her Doctor and ends up finding 11." 

“When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.”

“You’ll grow old at the same time as me?”


They had promised that to each other, swore by it and dared the Universe to defy them.

The Universe didn’t take their dare lightly.

It was mundane, as accidents went, not on a stormy night, or on a day too bright for such a tragedy to occur. It was a normal Wednesday afternoon, walking home, with their hands entwined closely together as they strode down the pavement. Their laughter could be heard several blocks down, as older women stared disapprovingly, until they came close enough for the truth to be revealed.

They were not just a couple with too much time on their hands and too much frivolity on their minds. They were truly and honestly madly in love. Golden rings, still fresh and somehow foreign on their fingers, made it true.

The stares of disapproval quickly altered to one of admiration as one man in particular, pulled his wife closer to him. Their wrinkled hands might have been one, as they unknowingly mimicked the youthful ones of the couple that was now walking past them.

The younger man spared the couple a distracted smile, while his wife couldn’t even be bothered with looking up as they began to make their way across the crosswalk. She held onto him tightly, her face almost completely buried in his chest.

The man on the other hand was suddenly staring at the couple more intently, his grin growing wider somehow. He looked at them and back at his wife, seeing the future through them. Their hands, weathered, but in this exact same position while they walked down the street, maybe accompanied by a grandchild or maybe a son or daughter that worried too much to leave them on their own, wandering around in the city.

It wasn’t the first time the Doctor got it all wrong.

It was thanks that the elderly gentleman’s eyes growing wide with fear and instinctively pulling his own love closer to him, that the Doctor saw it. His fate, represented in the form of a car careening down the street with a too young driver perched behind the wheel. He saw the boy freeze with fear and panic, and for a moment the Doctor locked eye with his.

Nothing crossed his mind that was the weird part. Only actions rang through him, his hands quickly unwrapping his precious Rose from around his waist and thrusting her aside before he himself could move out of the way.

The car caught him fully in the side and vaulted the Doctor over it, before he landed with a soft thud on the other end.

The youth finally reacted after the fact and swerved, only stopping when his front bumper came into contact with a street sign.

But, Rose wasn’t focused on that, she wasn’t focused on anything, but her Doctor lying motionless, face first in the concrete with a pool of blood slowly growing from beneath him, staining the ground permanently where he lay. She gently reached out and touched his shoulder, inciting at small pained groan that caused her eyes to light up with false hope. One hand went out from under him, as he pushed with all his strength against the unyielding ground. A silent plea to beg Rose to help him to roll over, so that he might get one final glance at her face.

She did so with great trepidation, knowing in her brain that the last thing the Doctor needed was more motion, but knowing in her heart that that was the very thing he craved more than anything right now. She looked around and saw that the elderly man and woman were walking over to her, while the majority of the crowds were running to the youth, who at least looked like he had a chance at being helped. Silently, the man and woman helped to roll the Doctor onto his back as steadily as they managed with Rose’s help. The three of them, however, could not stop a pained whimper from slipping from his lips that cut through Rose’s heart.

Dimly, Rose was aware of a fleeting pressure that the woman had placed on her shoulder, before she walked wrapped in the man’s arms, away from the scene and to a bench on the sidewalk. They didn’t stare at Rose and the fallen Doctor, but they made their presence know, a silent promise saying that they were there for her should she need them.

Her gaze was drawn back to the Doctor when a soft squeeze came around her hand. His brown eyes looked at her pleadingly; as she bent down to catch his words, spoken with a voice broken like his body and her heart.

“Find him,” he rasped, with more blood seeping from his lips in a froth of red bubbles. His hand reached up to her neck where her keys, one to Time Lord’s TARDIS and the one grown by their own hand, glinted in the sunlight hanging from a chain.

“Not without you,” Rose whispered defiantly, brushing a stray lock of his hair, already beginning to become matted with blood, which seemed to be pouring out of every part of him. “I’m not going anywhere without you running by my side ever again.”

“No more running.” The Doctor’s voice was almost gone now, but it still forced her to look down at her husband’s legs and fight back tears in the process.

Now she knew where the majority of the blood pooling on the ground was coming from. Quickly, she tore her eyes away and refocused on his face, going paler by the second.

“You’ve had worse,” Rose told him, placing a hand on his cheek, and wiping away one tear he had let fall with the pad of her thumb. “Remember when you proposed and Mum slapped you? You said that you couldn’t imagine anything worse.”

“That was before she snogged the life out of me,” the Doctor teased, before his face grew serious. He reached higher up with his hand painfully to cup Rose’s cheek. When his fingers began to slip down, she held them up for him. “Promise me, Rose. Promise me you won’t let yourself be alone.”

Rose nodded earnestly. “I promise.”

The Doctor smiled. “That’s my Rose.”

With the last of the strength he had left, he guided her face down to his, murmured the words, “I love you,” against her lips and kissed her softly one final time.

By the time she drew away, the ambulance had arrived and the medics were prying Rose away from the Doctor’s dead body.

Brokenly, she walked to where they had taken him and knelt down beside him. The medics tried to stop her, but the elderly man suddenly appeared, rambling in a panicky voice and causing the medics to see to him. Rose caught his wife’s face as she winked at Rose before turning away without a word.

Looking back at the Doctor, Rose picked up his hand in hers and gently removed his wedding band and held it in her hand, before bending down and peppering his face with kisses. Starting at his forehead, moving down to his nose and finally to his lips, she memorized the feel of him.

“Wait for me?” She asked softly, as she stood and took off the chain held her two keys, unfastened it and slipped his wedding band through it, before turning it and reading the engraving she had picked out for him.”

“Forever ever.”

She fixed the necklace back around her neck and removed her own wedding band to reveal what the Doctor had picked for her.

“Pink + Yellow = Love.” Rose smiled, a wiped away one more stray tear before walking away.


The Doctor had made Rose promise him that when he died she would never bury his body in a coffin. They had laughed about it then, but holding onto his urn now, she knew that there was no way she could have done that to him. He would have hated being locked up in such a confined space, that was too small on the inside.

So, she began to fasten the urn safely to the console, where she knew he would have preferred over any other place in all of existence. The one place in the whole multi-verse that didn’t sit still.

She was already placing the coordinates to fulfill her promise to him, one handedly while the other hand ghosted over the chain she knew she would never take off—the chain that now held a token of every life she had ever wanted to lead or led.

As soon as she pulled the final lever, the entire room was filled with parks and the noises of the universes and time itself being broken through. However, the sensation was fleeting for Rose as suddenly the floor was coming up to her face rapidly and everything when dark.


She awoke with a start when she heard her TARDIS’s doors open and band closed. Her vision swam for a moment before her eyes finally focused on a man stepping towards her. His hair was flopping down over his eyes and a bow tie was around his neck. A wide grin, eyes to young and a face that was all wrong caused resentment to bubble up inside Rose, and she didn’t even know why.

“Rose Tyler, what a surprise find you here,” he said brightly. “Although, I can’t think of any other humans in the universe with access to a TARDIS, so I guess I’m more surprised by your TARDIS than you, but same difference.”

The man beamed at her stupidly and walked closer, only to find her withdrawing.

“Who are you?” Rose asked fearfully, subconsciously grabbing at the items on her necklace and hoping that maybe some of his strength might pour into her right now.

“I believe the most adoring term you ever used to address me was, ‘my Doctor,’ but if you want to call me ‘the Massive Idiot,’ again, then far be it from me to stop you,” the man rambled on.

“My Doctor’s dead,” Rose spat at him.

“No, I’m not Rose.” He paused and saw the golden band glinting on her neck and the urn sitting by the console. “What happened?”

Fury bubbled up within Rose as she shoved him hard in the stomach and knocked him off his feet in shock. “You happened,” she yelled, placing her hand on either side of his chest and bearing down on him, like the Bad Wolf herself. “You left us. You left us with no way of getting help if we needed you. You let him get hurt. You… You… I let him die.”

Rose’s shouting died off, and she pushed her hands further onto the Time Lord’s chest, feeling the double beat and breaking down. Fresh tears began to stream down her face and he wrapped his arms around her and held on tightly.

He rocked her back and forth on the floor, for the first time in this regeneration he was silent, and he listened to her story, as she told him everything.

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