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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let y'all know that there all still loads of slots to sign up for in [ profile] tardis_family.

Here's a list of the slots:

The Doctor (9)
The Doctor (10) [ profile] timelord1
The Doctor (10.5)
The Doctor (11[ profile] arthurlondon
Rose Tyler[ profile] abigbluebox
Captain Jack
Mickey Smith
Martha Jones
Donna Noble
Jenny - [ profile] country_who (Unless someone else wants her, I'm willing to give her up, just trying to keep the more active characters open) 
River Song
Rory Williams
Amelia Pond

Sign up at our welcome post

Come out and join, it'll be fun! :D
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Hi everyone,

I've made a community that's sort of like role playing here at [ profile] tardis_family. You can come over and snag a character if you want and have fun acting like them on a community. 

Here are some rules:

1)KEEP IT CLEAN, nothing above PG 13 will be tolerated, sorry, but your mod is only 14, plus the only other community that was even similar to this did not allow people under 16 to join and play. 

2)One character per person. We're on a first come first serve basis.

3)Stay in character, for the most part. 

4)No real life posts here. 

5)This community is NOT for RPF's (Real Person Fics)

6)No character bashing, I understand if there are certain characters that irk you, but we don't need to start a fan war. 

7)Have fun!!

Thanks for your cooperation and have fun! :) 


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