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I got second place in Extemp Girls and lost to a senior, so I did okay for a first time extemporaneous speech. It's so different talking to only two people than 100. My topic was "Is America doing enough to support military personnel when they return home from service." Over all it was an easy topic, it just took a lot of heart-string tugging. I wish I had done better, spoke a bit smoother, one judge docked about ten points for tapping my foot, so I guess I shouldn't have done that...*sigh* I hope my Model UN Coach is happy, she put me up with the Drama teacher to do this, for which I am forever grateful. I'm hoping to go and see her early in the morning on Monday. 

I went with the Thespians as a tag-along to fill a slot and give the school a better chance at winning, the scoring system for schools is by totals, not averages (1st-7 points, 2nd-5 points, 3rd-3 points, and 4th-1 point.) We finished fourth with a score of 19. It was  a really enjoyable time though, there are so many talented people from our school, most of the events were for singers or groups of singers. 
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I've got parts of both of the prompts from [ profile] doctor_rose_fix, for [ profile] abigbluebox and [ profile] charlottetrips and I promise that I haven't forgotten about them at all. I'm just slammed with final and midterms studying for the last two days of school before Christmas Break (Our principle decided no more exemptions for A's and all the finals must be on the last two days so that no one skips those days. *groans*)  

I should have them done by next week hopefully, and I hope that they are worth the wait. :) 

(I'm also hoping to finish the [ profile] who_contest prompt before tomorrow, I feel like I've abandoned that community.) 
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I haven't posted anything in two days (that's a long time for me), primarily because I've had lots of AP World to study for a test that was supposed to be today, but my teacher moved it to Monday, but I took it today anyway along with a friend in my class, (It's a long story). 

Anyways, I just wanted to rec a book I was currently reading. It's the novelization of "Cowboys and Aliens." I didn't see the movie (I weird),  but I saw the book in the bookstore, while I searching for a Star Trek book that I haven't read from my Dad's limitless collection (It was even bigger until he met my mom). And I just sort of got distracted by the cover really, and it was in paperback!! 

It's amazing so far (I'm on page 138). So far the only thing I'd don't like about it is the swearing, which is almost blush-able, but I'm also a social outcast so I've heard them before for the most part, so not really a big deal. 

It mixes my two favorite things, Sci-fi and a good western. 

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I have glued my index finger to my tumb with industrial strength super glue, which I forgot to read should be used with protection. I just wanted to fix the notch point on my bow, but I may or may not have tried to make a final adujustment on the alignment of the point, after I stuck glue on it. It's a wonder they don't send me to a class that's rubber padded as opposed to accelerated and AP. 

(And if you're wondering yes, I am typing this with my fingers still together, they won't pull apart.)
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It's homecoming week and the dance is Saturday, and I'll start by saying that I'm NOT going, but my friends and I decided that the perfect date for me to take (if I wanted to go) would be a cardboard cut out of David Tennant, and then I found out that those actually exist. 

And before you ask no, I'm still not going. 
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My all time favorite play was Hamlet (No not because of DT, I read it long before I knew about him). And now I get to do a Progject on it, YAY! I'm beaming I was so worried that my teacher wouldn't let me do a Drama, but she actually seemed slightly perplexed that I would even ask or even know about Hamlet...hmm...
I'm possitivly bubbling at the ideas running around in my head...A scrapbook of the main character...oh the things I could do with this...

And on a more serious question is there a way to make it so that only certain people see a post? Like, if I wanted to organize something for just people in MUN to share ideas, news, and questions? 
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I'm sorry that I haven't up loaded the  next chapter of Doctor We Have an Emergency. I've been properly slammed recently with school work and now I'm making typos every other word because my finger is in a splint...Grrr. I will try to type it up though, now that I have a bit of a lul in accel math and honors lit (AP World is still chucking it out pretty rough).

Anyway on a happier note I caught a flyball in softball without a glove (hence splint) and got an out, it would have been a double play, but the person I threw to fumbled a bit. :(  (This is definetly why I should stick to libraries.) 

Cut for new rant on vocab list... )
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I had a wake up call today, Baron's not as young as he used to be. I know it sounds strange and a bit childish, but I've raised him since he was a pup, trained his to heal, sit, jump, to run by my bike when I wasn't quite so fast and his knees weren't so worn. He just turned seven a week ago today and nothing seemed to be that different, but we just got back from a run (he's the best running partner a girl could ask for). I was planning about three miles, but today he was dragging himself after about half a mile. I took him home as soon as I noticed, but it just felt a bit weid seeing Baron like that. 
Read more... )

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DTH does like Doctor Who now, but only the Matt Smith era, so he can keep his nickname. (How can anyone hate David Tennant?) I have no idea why he's suddendly captured by the Math Smith, but not David Tennant. He's not a head over-heals fan like me...yet, and he claims that he never will be. 

I think part of it is that he seems to be very interested in Amy and her whole history or something. 

The good news is that I don't have to tutor him in math to watch a new episode (grrr, he's a horrible student)

My dad's in the same boat but he does recognise David as the better Doctor (yay!); his favorite companion is River though. 

Now, I just have to convince my mom...
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Yay! My mind cleared up enough for me to finish my paper, now all I have to do is edit it and it will be done! :D I rewrote it about five times today and changed prompts about three times, but the creative part it done, now I'm into the fun world of sentence structure and grammar, yay. 
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Grrrr! This isn't Doctor's Who related, but i'm hoping that typing something will help me get this essay out. Its worth half of a test grade, the other half was a multiple choice test that I took friday. I studied for hours every night to get the multiple choice section right and I think that I got at least a high 90% on it, but that won't be worth anything if I flunk on the writing. Ughh! 

Thanks for listening to my rant. :-/
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The internet is officially back at our house! Yay!!
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I haven't had internet acess since late monday night, so I haven't been able to reply to anything or review. Please, don't think I'm being rude, but the modem burned out or something and it's going to take 'til like Saturday to get it fixed (unless we're really lucky.) I'm posting at from a Starbucks now. We're here, so DTH and I could shoot and e-mail to our Chinese teacher and tell her we can't go to the internet session tonight. Anyway, I'll get back to y'all as soon as I can I promise, but please don't unfriend me. 

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Grrrr... I tore a muscle in my back about 8 months ago and it seems to be inflammed again, at least that's what the doctor said yesterday. I think I over did it a few days ago when I did a circut in Gym, jump roped and ran in one day, but the Doctor seems convinced that it's my backpack, so I don't know. It on;y weighs 33 pounds. I'm back to being tied to my computer with no running, shooting, biking and with no strenous activities in Gym (what does that even mean?). How does the back affect everything?

The good news is that words are finally starting to flow for the Doctor Who/Emergency/Adam 12 crossover. I should have it up sometime by this friday. 

Also a very persistent plot bunny for this Randy Travis song: It just keeps begging for a fic written about it, but I can't seem to write it down. 
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I know I said that I would have writted the Emergency!/Doctor Who/Adam 12 crossover by now or at least the first chapter, but I'm still a bit bogged down. Last weekend when I had planned to write it I was ankle deep in Ancient History, geography, and every consivable technical issue with virtaul Chinese (I'm still trying to figure that one out.) 我 不  喜欢 电脑. Things have lightened up a bit and I'm trying to transfer to a different Chinese class, so fingers crossed that I get something written this weekend. 

Ughh, I'm loving highschool, but at the moment I feel like it's eating me alive. D: 
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 I've been so careful with my fish since I raised them from when they were born, but I introduced two new fish to the mix from the pet store and now my tank in infected with ick. All my babies are floundering around in there. I treated them, but the last time I treated for ick I ended up wiping out any babies in there. The Doctor, Rose, and Donna, are very sick now, especially the Doctor. The two new guppies, the Oncoming Storm and the Bad Wolf are also infected with it. The Oncoming Storm died today and the Bad Wolf seems to be close behind with the rest. I should have noticed that they had ick sooner, but I've been so busy, that I've neglected the poor babies. 

Does anyone know what to do for ick? I've given them a liquid treatment, but I'm still worried... 
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I spent hours researching on my computer for facts for my AP World paper, and couldn't find anything that wasn't biased, where all the facts seemed to be buried under pounds and pounds of loop holes and flim flam. But at the library in a BOOK I found the statistic that shall make my whole paper. (By the way, that was less than an hour to find that perfect fact, as opposed to hours of endless websites and headaches.)  

I so, so excited. I've already written the introduction, so I just have about eight more paragraphs, easy peasy. :) 

If I stick to my schedule, I should be able to start rereading "The Golden Filly." I read it in seventh grade, and it's one of those rare books that's adult reading level with no adult material. I have lots of trouble finding those. Apparently, if you can believe the tests they give you in school (I've been scoring the same since fifth grade so...), my reading level is 12 + which means I guess means books above 12th grade level. My problem is I still have the maturity of a 14 year old, or lower I suppose if you wanna compare to my peers. Anyway, the books in the series are great, perfectly clean, and encourage strong religious values, so I'm game to read again.  
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I've decided on doing a Doctor Who/Emergency/Adam 12 crossover. Mostly Emergency, but I really like Kent McCord, so I couldn't not give him a part in it. I'll try to start this weekend after I finish reading three chapters, writing and researching for an essay (The prompt was if you had a time machine... I inwardly squeeed, but I did managed to keep it together in class it was afterwards  on a run that I "yipeed") and trying to make sense of this online Chinese program. I swear the Chinese itself is WAY easier than using the online program.  

But anyway, I'll find time. I've figured out that if I only take ten minutes to eat that gives me 25 minutes in the library and 5 minutes to get to gym, then if I leave my gym clothes on I can run right after school without having to go home and change. Then if I get all my stuff done tonight and tomorrow at the local library I'll have Sunday to write. 
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I tried to get DTH into fanfic and he actually tried, and he found a site for his favorite TV show, "Emergency!"  but he didn't like it much. Oh, well that's the first time he has ever tried something I told him to, maybe he's softening. ;D
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 I think my muse ran away after High School orientation today. I think he's a bit scared like me, oh well. I'll find some way to finish my chapter fic before school starts. 


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