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I got second place in Extemp Girls and lost to a senior, so I did okay for a first time extemporaneous speech. It's so different talking to only two people than 100. My topic was "Is America doing enough to support military personnel when they return home from service." Over all it was an easy topic, it just took a lot of heart-string tugging. I wish I had done better, spoke a bit smoother, one judge docked about ten points for tapping my foot, so I guess I shouldn't have done that...*sigh* I hope my Model UN Coach is happy, she put me up with the Drama teacher to do this, for which I am forever grateful. I'm hoping to go and see her early in the morning on Monday. 

I went with the Thespians as a tag-along to fill a slot and give the school a better chance at winning, the scoring system for schools is by totals, not averages (1st-7 points, 2nd-5 points, 3rd-3 points, and 4th-1 point.) We finished fourth with a score of 19. It was  a really enjoyable time though, there are so many talented people from our school, most of the events were for singers or groups of singers. 
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I've got parts of both of the prompts from [ profile] doctor_rose_fix, for [ profile] abigbluebox and [ profile] charlottetrips and I promise that I haven't forgotten about them at all. I'm just slammed with final and midterms studying for the last two days of school before Christmas Break (Our principle decided no more exemptions for A's and all the finals must be on the last two days so that no one skips those days. *groans*)  

I should have them done by next week hopefully, and I hope that they are worth the wait. :) 

(I'm also hoping to finish the [ profile] who_contest prompt before tomorrow, I feel like I've abandoned that community.) 


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