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Lauren Oliver, the amazing author behind Delirium, and the upcoming books Pandemonium and Requiem has posted an e-book online for four days starting today as a companion piece to the trilogy. It's called Hana. And, I literally just read the whole e--book in a sitting. 

Here's a link to the e-book: Hana

I'm super excited about Pandemonium, less than two weeks to go until it's published and I pre-ordered, so SQUEE! 
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Hi everyone,

I've chewed through a bunch of books from the school library, and I'm fishing for recommendations. I'll read almost anything with words, (I've been know to run to the Library pick a random color and letter to start a title and pick the first book that meets those credentials (I came home with a book that compared a relationship between God and a Teenager to pancakes. It was called "God is in the Pancakes,". and it was brilliant), but I'm looking for something really great. 

I don't know. My family doesn't really do literature, we're more of a math and science kind of people, so when I asked them they weren't much help. :( 

Any ideas?

---Thanks in advance. :D 
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I haven't posted anything in two days (that's a long time for me), primarily because I've had lots of AP World to study for a test that was supposed to be today, but my teacher moved it to Monday, but I took it today anyway along with a friend in my class, (It's a long story). 

Anyways, I just wanted to rec a book I was currently reading. It's the novelization of "Cowboys and Aliens." I didn't see the movie (I weird),  but I saw the book in the bookstore, while I searching for a Star Trek book that I haven't read from my Dad's limitless collection (It was even bigger until he met my mom). And I just sort of got distracted by the cover really, and it was in paperback!! 

It's amazing so far (I'm on page 138). So far the only thing I'd don't like about it is the swearing, which is almost blush-able, but I'm also a social outcast so I've heard them before for the most part, so not really a big deal. 

It mixes my two favorite things, Sci-fi and a good western. 

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 Hi, this isn't Doctor Who related, but I thought I'd recommend a book I was reading. 

"A Coal Miner's Daughter" by Loretta Lynn, with George Vecsey. It really is a good read, much better than I expected and I tend to have really high expectations fr what I read, but this really is good. I'm a really big fan of Loretta and her book reminds me of the stories my grandparents told me about Palmer. 

Anyway, I thought I'd pass the title along. :) 


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