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This was from the very first Doctor Who fic that wrote and posted in the story, "Rose and the Human Doctor: the Beginning" and then he made a return in "Rose and the Human Doctor: Battling the Letteraus" and "Rose and the Human Doctor: Our Love" It's from when I still called the series "A New Life: Rose and the Human Doctor." instead of Adventures in a Blue Box. 

This is Sam, the Letteraus, a Donkey/Humaniod that was rebuilt as a cyborg after a long battle with the Humans from the future, originally from the planet  Senturian. 

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Title: A Family in a Blue Box: Doctor We Have an  Emergency!

Author: [ profile] country_who

Characters/Pairings (Doctor Who): Ten2/Rose, Ten, OC (Jonathan)

Characters/Pairings (Emergency!): Dr. Brackett, Dixie, Johnny Gage, Roy DeSoto, Cap. Stanley, others...

Characters/Pairings (Adam 12): Jim Reed, Pete Malloy, mentions of Ed Wells

Rating: PG 

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Humor, Angst, Mystery, Crossover, (a bit of everything really)

Summary: A crossover between Doctor Who/Adam 12/Emergency.Jonathan struggles with unexplained nightmares, and teenagers across LA are falling to sleep and not waking up, they're not dead and every test comes back normal. What are the staff of Rampart Hospital to do? Call a Doctor of course. 

Author's Note: The primary element of this story is Doctor Who, with Emergency very close behind, but if you're an Adam 12 fan then you might be a bit disapointed with, because Malloy and Reed really only show up rarely and fleetingly.

Author's Note 2: This is ignoring the episode 7 of season 1 where Adam 12 is veiwed as a TV show by  the firefighters. 

Author's Note 3: This is the 13th story in "Adventures in a Blue Box" and is set around  both season 5's of Emergency and Adam 12. Read more... )
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Grrrr... I tore a muscle in my back about 8 months ago and it seems to be inflammed again, at least that's what the doctor said yesterday. I think I over did it a few days ago when I did a circut in Gym, jump roped and ran in one day, but the Doctor seems convinced that it's my backpack, so I don't know. It on;y weighs 33 pounds. I'm back to being tied to my computer with no running, shooting, biking and with no strenous activities in Gym (what does that even mean?). How does the back affect everything?

The good news is that words are finally starting to flow for the Doctor Who/Emergency/Adam 12 crossover. I should have it up sometime by this friday. 

Also a very persistent plot bunny for this Randy Travis song: It just keeps begging for a fic written about it, but I can't seem to write it down. 
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I know it's a pretty cheesy tiltle for fic, but I've got the whole thing planned out. Adam12 is going to play a bigger part than I first planned, but that also means that Emergency will be cut a bit more short than I had hoped. I'll try to get it typed this weekend (I know I said that a while ago, but I've been properly slammed, but now I've got a bit more of a groove going on with my school work again, so here's hoping.) 
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I've got the sixth chapter posted on Teaspoon and an Open mind, and I'm hoping it'll get validated soon. There won't be any updates until Thursday, but it's also between a eight and ten hour car trip from Georgia to Virginia so that gives me lots of time to type on my lap top.

I'm all packed and ready to leave early tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see my grand-parents again it's been awhile. I've even remembered to pack a book by Dick Armey that I read a few months back that my Grandma wanted to read. The only thing I'm nervous about is heading to DC big cities make me very fearful.
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 Here is the link to the latest story in the "Adventures in a Blue Box."
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 I just wrote the first chapter of the next part of the "Adventures in a Blue Box series." Jonathan is five in this one. The Doctor, John, Rose, and Jonathan get a message telling them to a forest that shouldn't exist. As usual, trouble ensues and an old enemy returns.

I have submitted it for validation on Teaspoon, so I'm hoping it gets validated soon. :) 
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 John tells Rose and baby Jonathan a story while they are sick, and it progresses into something more. 


It's not the end of the Adventures in a Blue Box series (or A New Life: Rose and the Human Doctor I changed the name a while ago), so I'm still gonna write stories for this verse, but with the knowledge that this is how it ends. I just felt like I needed it to end this way. 

Read more... )
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 Busy thinking of new adventures to send the Doctor, John, Rose, and Baby Jonathan into. 
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Adventures in a Blue Box 

See Summary  )


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