Jan. 1st, 2012

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Title: Bring Me Home
Series: Daddy's Girl
Author: country_who
Rating: PG-13 (It's probably lower, but I'm being safe)
Characters: Ten2, Sarah (Ten2's daughter) OC, Jack AU, Donna AU
Summary: The Doctor and Sarah are planning to spend their vacations together, just plain old father/daughter stuff until everything goes wrong. Sarah is kidnapped and the Doctor is forced to protect everything he's built up since he lost Rose nineteen years ago. Will the Doctor be forced to lose the only connection to Rose he has left? 
Author's Note: It's been a while since I updated here, so I'm just going to link to the story on Teaspoon.

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Title: Stewbilee
Author: [livejournal.com profile] country_who
Genre: Crack
Characters: Rose, Ten
Summary: The Doctor says something sinful...or at least the equivalent of in Brunswick Georgia and it isn't "Gators."
Author's Notes: No, we that live in Brunswick Georgia do NOT hate those who question the origin of Brunswick Stew, you are completely safe to visit if you please. Now, if you say something bad about Georgia Shrimp you may be in a different boat. (Made out of boredom, just saying, I'm not that strange.) 
Author's Note 2: Yes, Bennie's Red Barn is an actual place, and it does look like a red barn. 
Author's Note 3: Go here to read about the Stewbilee. 

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