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Title: Stars
Author: [ profile] country_who
Rating: G
Word Count: 621
Characters/Pairing: Ten2/Rose
Summary: What if she didn’t want him?

Pete had offered to help him pay for it, and Jackie had tried to slip less than subtle specimens into his pocket, under his desk, and in his face. However, he pushed them all way fervently. They had given him so much, a place to live, a job, and a whole new life to lead, but he had to do this on his own.

Looking down at it, he almost wanted to shake his head with disappointment toward himself. If he had been a Time Lord he could have flown to the best jeweler in the universe, or cut a raw one himself with his sonic to a degree no human could match. He could have taken her to the farthest reached of the galaxy and swept her off her feet and spun her around until they were both dizzy.

If he was a Time Lord he wouldn’t be doing this at all.

It didn’t look that bad, really. The stone was ‘too small to be seen with a microscope,’ according to his soon-to-be-mother-in-law, but it was set rather nicely, and no one could really tell there was a chip in it or that the color wasn’t ‘ideal.’ What color were they supposed to be anyway?

It was a parallel Earth after all.

He had to admit his presentation hadn’t been the best that it could have been.

He had tried his best to be posh, sweep Rose off her feet and woo her; of course nothing ever went the way he wanted them to. He had missed the bus to the restaurant, and had to run all the way there, until he was dripping with human sweat and the restaurant staff almost wanted to make him leave. Then, with a couple of misplaced hand movements he knocked her drink over her dress—hers and his favorite—and nearly caused them both to fall to the floor.

Rose didn’t seem to care though, and like always, was completely tuned into his moods. So, they paid the bill early, and she took his hand and led him out of the building, down the street and to a park bench with no one else around. She kissed his cheek and asked him what was wrong, but he said that nothing was.

It technically wasn’t a lie.

Everything was right and perfect. He had his life with Rose that he never thought he could have. His single heart seemed to flutter whenever she got close to him, and their hands seemed to fit even more perfectly now that there was human warmth in his veins. But, what if he ruined everything? What if she decided that she didn’t want a hybrid or she wanted a man that didn’t accidentally blow up her appliances or illicit slaps from her mother on an everyday basis?

What if she didn’t want him?

Swallowing thickly he decided it was now or never, and there was no point in turning back now.

He took her hands and got down to his knees, reaching into his pocket and fumbling around for a few moments, while she smiled knowingly at him. He dropped the velvet covered box twice before she dropped to her knees in front of him, picked up the box and placed it into his hands. A gentle hand found its way to his shoulder, and he somehow drew on her strength. Opening the box, he grinned that grin, and said those four words he thought he would never say in all his nine hundred years.

In the end, the dinner didn’t matter, his jitters didn’t matter, and the diamond didn’t matter; because, he saw two stars light up in her eyes that he swore to never let die.


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